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‘Every 20 minutes, look at a distance 20 feet away, for 20 seconds’


Myopia is an eye condition where the eye sees better close up than further away. With a massive increase in the use of screen time, especially during the pandemic, there appears to be a corresponding increase in myopia especially in children. For example, myopia is now affecting about half of young adults in the USA which is twice as many as 50 years ago. While there is a genetic influence, increased near vision work is also causing an increase in myopia.

Myopia control contact lenses have been approved now for use in children to try to prevent the increase in myopia.


Studies have shown that being outside in the sunlight decreases myopia progression.

Taking breaks from screen work, looking away from the screen and blinking can help to relax the eyes. In some cases, using spectacles for screen and close work, or changing your working patterns may also help


Jane is qualified in fitting MiSight One Day myopia control contact lenses. 


For more information on myopia please contact us.

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