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Contact Lenses: A great alternative giving comfortable all around vision!

Contact lenses provide a great alternative to spectacles. They give all round vision making them ideal for many sports like dancing, tennis, riding and golf. They don’t steam up or slip down and they are also great for social wear.

“I have successfully fitted lenses for people from the age of 8 up to a 90 year old who wanted to improve his golf! Age is no barrier.”


Jane Staunton Machin – Optometrist

With a myriad of new materials, contact lenses are now more comfortable than ever. Disposable lenses are more hygienic and daily disposables are great for travelling.

New designs of multifocal and toric lenses allow us to fit quite complicated prescriptions.

We will discuss your individual requirements and concerns. Many people are concerned about handling the lenses, insertion and removal and while this may take more than one training session, most people become proficient with patience and practice.

For help learning how to safely put in your contact lenses, watch the YouTube video by clicking the link below:

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