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As an independent practice, Optica Machin can offer a wide choice of lens types from different manufacturers to cater for your personal requirements, lifestyle and budget.

We will take the time to advise you of different lens types for distance, reading, multifocal or special office lenses. Thinner & lighter lens materials are more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Special coatings make annoying reflections a thing of the past and help prevent scratches. This can be especially useful when night driving.

The phenomenon of digital eye strain is becoming an increasing problem in our modern world. It is now commonplace for us to spend many hours a day using digital devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions and this contributes to a great deal of visual fatigue and discomfort.

Specialist coatings have been developed recently with blue light blocking filters which reduce reflections and glare.

“We take as much time as necessary to help you find the right frame and lens combination to suit your precise needs and preferences.”

Joanne Warren – Practice Manager

It can be confusing so we’ll advise you on the best type of lenses for your needs and help you select a frame that enhances your appearance. Or perhaps you have a special requirement connected with your job or sport. We will assess your vision and advise you accordingly.

We provide comprehensive eye examinations together with a wide choice of quality frames and lenses. Whatever your needs, you will receive personal attention and affordable eye care.

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