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Eyes and Brows


With many years experience, Jane can often help in alleviating some of these uncomfortable symptoms and may, in some cases, resolve the problem.

Healthy eyes should be moist and well lubricated. Unfortunately 21st century living takes its toll on our visual system causing our eyes to become irritated, sore and uncomfortable.

Every time you blink, tears form an oily coating that protects and nourishes the eyes’ surface. When this oily layer is reduced, your eyes feel dry, scratchy and irritated and can even become more watery as a result.

It is a problem which affects millions of people and is made worse by working in air conditioned environments or staring for hours at computer screens.

It is very common as we get older and especially in women. It is also associated with certain health conditions or use of certain medications and it can also be a problem for long term contact lens wearers.

“My aim is to bring relief to patients suffering with the troublesome symptoms of dry eyes.”

Jane Staunton Machin – Optometrist

While it is not always possible to cure the problems, there are ways of alleviating the symptoms and making your eyes more comfortable.

Jane has a wealth of experience and has done a number of courses addressing the problems of Dry Eye and so can assess the situation and often offer advice and help. In severe cases referral to an ophthalmologist is necessary for further treatment.

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