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Children's Eye Exam


Eye Exams

You might think the last thing your little one wants to do is sit in the opticians chair, but at Optica Machin we make sure it’s always fun.

How does a child know that their vision is blurred? They often don’t!

At Optica Machin, we aim to make the eye exam fun and easy. Children can be nervous and may be more comfortable sitting on the parents lap.

With many years of experience, Jane has developed her own methods to make children feel comfortable and adapted her eye examination to get the best results.

Although most children have very good sight, some don’t and they won’t always let you or their teacher know. It’s important that your little ones are checked before starting school to avoid problems later.

It is a myth that children have to read before they can be tested and we can examine the eyes of even very young children by using special techniques and tests.

They should then be monitored yearly to ensure that their vision develops normally.

“I enjoy working with children. It’s so rewarding when I can help a child achieve more at school or learn to enjoy reading. As a mother of four and now a grandmother, I do have plenty of experience with children!”

Jane Staunton Machin – Optometrist

Many children appear to have good distance vision but have difficulty in focusing up close or coordinating their eyes which leads to discomfort with close vision. These children can often fall behind at school and have learning difficulties.

Using a combination of training lenses and exercises, children can be helped to make the best of their vision.

In some cases, children may need to be referred to an ophthalmologist for further checks.

If your child does need a correction, we stock a variety of frames for youngsters. We can also, in certain cases, fit contact lenses in children as young as 8!

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